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03/09/13 02:34 PM #1    

Marjorie Perron (Orman)

Welcome to the Fairhaven High School Class Of 1963 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/08/13 10:08 AM #2    

Norma Carruth (Soldati)

Greetings to my former classmates. I am SO SORRY I can't join you at this special weekend. You can be sure that my thoughts will be with you all.

When I think back on the early days, there are certain moments I especially remember; for example: dancing school at the Unitarian church. After fiinishing 6 years of classes, we had a 'ball' to celebrate. Joyce Spooner, Mike and Mark Bobola and I performed the 'Charleston' after weeks of intense practice.

I remember the many parties that I had in the cellar of our house. My parents were upstairs (if we needed them) and we were downstairs and danced to 45 rpm records.

I remember Brownes drug store in the center of town on Sunday mornings. Many of us attended our respective church service and then met at Brownes drug store afterwards. Remember the soda-fountain and the orange or cherry cokes?

I remember performing 'Amahl and the Night Visitors' in the Unitarian church.

I'm sure sure you will add to this small list when you get together. Enjoy your walks down 'Memory Lane'.

Take care and God bless you all.


06/21/13 10:17 PM #3    

Kathleen Foley (Alexander)

So excited for this reunion to get here. So  many memories, dances on the tennis courts behind Oxford School, Kay Hanly and the Congo Church. Senior prom night at Claire Bergerons cottage, can't wait to see you Claire. From grade school to high school the memories are many and so looking forward to remenising with others. Things that I have forgoten only to be reminded of from classmates. Some of you  have been in my life forever and for that I am grateful and  others I wonder what has happened to them . Can't wait for the weekend to get here, we may be getting older but the fun we had sometimes feel likes yesterday. For all of you who cannot be there remember you will be there in spirit.

07/04/14 10:25 PM #4    

Mary Ellen Paiva (Cordeiro)

Margie, great job on those pics you posted. What a great time, so good seeing everyone again!  Gail, those scallops were fantastic and and the Lobster rolls!  I haven't stopped talking about everything yet!  Charlie you're a doll for hosting us all again, a big Thankyou!!!!  Maybe next year?????


07/06/14 12:56 PM #5    

Alaina Tourjee (McDowell)

Dear Captain and all of his crew, Nancy, Margie and especially Gail, thanks for your hard work, if there is a next year, give everyone something to bring, next year I`ll forget the rum and cook something assuming that I remember what the heck is going on.  People ask me if we are having it every year and my comment is maybe until we die or can`t remember why we are having it.  Turn out was great, food was better than great, company was terrific and who can ask for anything more.  Thanks to Mary Ellen too as part of the clean up crew.  Take care have a good healthy year.  Happy birthday Lee Staples we share the same day


07/12/14 01:58 PM #6    

Roxanne Stanley (Nicewicz)

Thank you again, Captain Charles in charge et al, Marjorie O. for her (as usual) excellent coordination, Gail & crew for the amazing much always had the best class, but that's Fairhaven...heart/soul & spirit.  Beth Church Davis stayed w/Bob & me 'til Mon. & considered this the best vaca she will have this summer & was in heaven for 3 days being back home sweet home.  Great time & even greater seeing everyone I remember fondly from back in the days.  xo  Roxanne Stanley Nicewicz

07/13/14 02:14 PM #7    

Deborah Knox

You are all awesome.  I'm sorry to have missed the gala at Charlies - it was such fun last year.  I'll be in touch if I make it back to the area this summer.  Looks like a great time was had by all.


07/14/14 12:27 PM #8    

Kathleen Foley (Alexander)

As usual the girls did a fantastic job, Marge, Gail and her crew, Nancy and everyone else who helped make this another great party. Once again Charlie, you are the best, can't think of a better place to have our party. So many people, so many old and new friends. The food was great the laughs many, a great time had by all. Hope we are on again for next year, we have the best class and this yearly tradition is wonderful. God willing we will see all again next year.

10/01/15 10:50 PM #9    

Mary Ellen Paiva (Cordeiro)

How about a helping hand to the cheerleaders of FHS this year?  They are holding an alumni fundraiser to help the Cheerleaders get to Nationals this year.  They are asking for all Alumni Cheerleaders to cheer with them at the Homecoming Game on October 23.  Cost $35.00 per person with one practice prior to the game.  You may post a message on Facebook to Heather Costa.  My cousin Linda Dias-Moniz notified me of this and I am passing along the info for our cheerleaders to kindly help out.  What say you 1963 Cheerleaders ?????

10/02/15 11:50 AM #10    

Susan Benjamin (Cridge)

Would love to help the cheerleaders.  Nationals?  Terrific.   I remember our competition at David Prouty High School in Spencer MA.   I don't do Facebook.   How can I contribute?

10/02/15 12:00 PM #11    

Marjorie Schmidt (Brown)

I would also like to help them out. I can't make it for a cheer on Oct.23, but I'd be happy to donate. Please post the details on how to contribute, and thanks for bringing it to our attention!

10/03/15 11:58 AM #12    

Linda Martin

I would be happy to contribute -- so I ditto Margie -- How?  

Although It would be a kick to cheer with the current cheerleaders --just not enough to fly there.  Hopefully  it will be filmed and posted.  Perhaps it can be an annual event like the Ohio State band....

10/03/15 05:40 PM #13    

Joyce Spooner

Actually, some classmates might pay serious money to see the comedy act of Margie, Susan, Linda and me cheering with the young girls at FHS, but that's not going to happen. So we older cheerleaders will just have to pay up to avoid the inevitable embarrassment, however funny it may have been.


10/03/15 06:01 PM #14    

Beth Church (Davis)

Hey Joyce, you left ME out of the comedy act. There were more then the 4 of you on the squad.  So be it, and guess it ain't going to happen.  I didn't know there was another homecoming day.  I'm sure it is a good time that I will miss, unfortunately. 

Absolutely, I want to support the current going to Nationals. WOW, great achievement!  I'm sure you are enjoying cheering for FHS as much as I did in 1963...............really, 1963 ??!  Seems like yesterday.smiley It just stays in your bones. ​Having been on a winning squad, it was such a thrill.  Go win again and you can do it!

Waiting to hear how to proceed to contribute.  Thanks, Mary Ellen, for putting the word out.




10/03/15 11:01 PM #15    

Mary Ellen Paiva (Cordeiro)

Hey there!  Thanks for all your responses.  I noted in my last message to all of you to contact Heather Costa.  I don't have her number but I do have my cousin Linda's whose daughter Camille is a senior on the squad.  Please feel free to call Linda and ask her what to do or where to donate.  Linda's cell is 508-728-0407, just tell her I asked you to call her for the contact person's number and you are from the class of 1963.  Again, thanks so much for helping out !!!

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