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Philip Hathaway

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05/13/15 03:43 PM #2    

Kay Alice Marriot (Hiller)

I'll always remember him as a very special person.

I have so many memories and thoughts of him going thru my mind right now and I can't seem to get any of them on paper.

Rene, my thoughts are with you.



05/13/15 04:09 PM #3    

John Lucas

I'm so sorry to hear about Phil's passing. Condolences to Rene and Phil's family. My memories of our "Friendship" begin about the time we started the 8 th grade at the brand new Elisabeth Hastings Junior High. Being the first class ever in that building wasn't half of the excitement, and we shared that bus ride every morning from Jackson's Variety on Sconticut Neck road. That saying: "Too soon we get old and too slow we..." I'll take the liberty to paraphrase: "...and too slow We are to reach back in time, find, treasure and renew old Friendships... "To Sleep... Perhance to dream..."

05/14/15 07:44 PM #4    

Kathleen Marujo (McHenry)

Rene:  so sorry for your loss..praying for all of you. 

05/22/15 08:49 PM #5    

Linda Sims (Silveira)

Yes we had a lot of fun growing up with the Hathaways.  Our parents square-danced together & I do remember the Rochester Grange Fred.   We did have lots of fun outings...all the families would spend a day at Ellis Haven.. swimming out to the raft & jumping off in tandem on our rafts & going to Marion Horse Shows.    I remember also playing in the Hathaway's cellar mixing different color crepe paper in bottles of water making "perfume"...probably around 8 to 10 years old.   Growing up on Sconticut Neck was great.   My heart goes out to Rene as I know they were so close as twins..were always there for each other.  


05/23/15 10:25 AM #6    

Claire Bergeron

Dear Renee,

I was so very sorry to hear about Phillip.  My deepest sympathy to you and your family.  I have

fond memories of our business classes we had together.


05/23/15 07:02 PM #7    

Alaina Tourjee (McDowell)

Dear Rene, so sorry to hear about Phil, he was truly a nice person and fun to be around I was hoping that he could fly out from California this year I missed seeing him at the reunion so I was hoping he could have made this one.  Guess God is having his own reunion and Phil is part of it.  Take care and I hope to see you soon.

05/23/15 09:31 PM #8    

Kathleen Foley (Alexander)

Dear Rene, So sorry to hear about Phil, he was a great guy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

05/25/15 09:32 PM #9    

Nancy Costa (Green)

I have pix of Rene and Phil from way back when we were little kids on Beechwood street in Fairhaven you were both so cute and grew in to beautiful people. Use to go to your house to play baseball  on John street and chase each other all over the place at the Poor Farm while little league was going on. Oh for the good old days. I am truly sorry about Philip he  was always a nice guy may he rest in peace God Bless. Love to you Rene.

05/26/15 09:20 AM #10    

Mary Ellen Paiva (Cordeiro)

Rene, I hope you received the card I sent to you for Phillip.  I feel so sorry I was not able to look him up on my last trek to California, and here he was only 20 miles from me for years!  Just know he's up there smiling down on all of us and will always be with you. God Bless, sending love and prayers your way.

05/28/15 06:55 AM #11    

Kathleen Rioux

Rene I'm so sorry about your loss.  I met Phil in 8th grade, he was full of fun and one of the nicest people.  Many memories of him during that long ago period of lives.

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